Greetings Neighbors, Friends, and Young Masters’ Family,


Art has played an important role in our healing during a very challenging time. It not only provided a source of entertainment and joy, but also gave us the opportunity to advocate for the change that we want to see in our communities and make our voices heard on a global stage. Certainly The Young Masters have understood the superpowers of art for a long time.


As we continue fighting for a more peaceful, diverse, loving and just world, art will be an important tool in our arsenal. Thanks to your continued support, we are at the starting line of a very exciting new adventure.


We are thrilled to announce that the Young Masters has been selected to activate the Monroe St Bridge with art. Thanks to the generous support of the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) we are able to build on a legacy that began more than 20 years ago.


We invite you to join us in this new adventure in public art. We want your handprints on the bridge as well as your input into the design: How do we uplift our community and heal and grow as a collective? What words and images should be included in the bridge?


Keep an ear and eye out for our sign-ups as we turn art into collective action.

It is our chance to, Let our art, do its part!


Activation Timeline for the Monroe Street Bridge:

March - May: Design & Planning

May - September: Art Production and Installation

October 17th: The Block Party (In partnership with Dance Place)


Design Team:


Luis Peralta, Chief Designer, is a well renowned fine and public artist. In 2001 he was still a teenager as he led us in the adventures on the bridge. At that time his career was well underway—since then he has continued to soar in his work, community and family. He has remained a leading artist in the Young Masters Family.


Kamala Subramanian, Deputy Designer, is a Young Masters Founding Mother and a former executive director of many years. She was instrumental in developing the original design on the bridge into a finished mural in 2002. Kamala’s roots are from this area. She was selected to create a mural for the new Anacostia Library and is a Kennedy Center Fellow.


Julee Dickerson-Thompson, Young Masters Director, is leading the project. Dickerson-Thompson has 49 years of public art experience and 22 years of painting libations on the Monroe Street Bridge (formerly the Brookland/Homecoming) Bridge. She is a 65 year resident in Brookland.

Monroe Street Bridge Submissions
Would you be interested in joining a painting session on the bridge?

Thanks for submitting!